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Higher Standards. Lower Rates.

We are small, smart and agile, and our philosophy is simple. The law is a tough business – an academic discipline where intelligence, experience and a careful attention to detail matter every step of the way. Too many lawyers boast of being aggressive or fierce. We prefer to think of ourselves as hard- working and smart. We take tremendous pride in our work. Our commitment to top shelf quality is reflected in every letter we write, every brief we file, and every argument we make. We don’t believe in shortcuts, and we are not satisfied with second best.

Maybe that’s why, over twenty-five years, our partners have set significant precedents, and represented some discerning judges of legal talent — like judges (five of them at last count),  lawyers, physicians, professors, authors, bloggers, employers, managers, employees, small businesses and non-profit corporations, members of the clergy, an entire religious denomination, nationally known figures, anonymous demonstrators, students, candidates for public office, members of the press, the wealthy, the homeless, and hundreds of people in between. 

Along the way we have fought city hall, state governments, federal agencies, large corporations and sometimes just the folks next door. We are used to being the underdog, and it has taught us to be resourceful, efficient and smart. 

We are a husband-wife team whose practice is our family business. We offer excellent work at rates well below our close competitors. And we work one-on-one with you – not through associates, paralegals or support staff – to craft solutions tailored to your legal problems.

We are small, smart and agile — and we punch above our weight. We can help you. Let us. 

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