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Contact Us

We receive more requests for representation than we can accept, and screen our cases carefully. If you have a legal problem, we are happy to talk with you to see if we can help. We do not take walk-ins, so please call for an initial telephone interview before coming to see us. We can usually set an appointment within forty-eight hours of our talking, or sooner in time-sensitive cases.

Call or Write for an Appointment

Your time is valuable.  Calling or writing before we meet will help us to decide whether you have a case worth pursuing, and whether we are the right lawyers for the job. It will also help us structure our initial meeting, making it faster and more productive.

There is no charge for an initial telephone conversation, and none for the review of an email or letter requesting assistance.

If you write, please do not send us any original documents unless and until we ask for them. Be sure to include daytime and evening phone numbers, and a valid email address you check often. For your own protection, do not write us using a shared email account or one that belongs to your employer.

Be certain to tell us the exact dates on which the important events in your case took place. If you have been sued, fear that a deadline is approaching, or are already in court, you should call rather than write. The mail can be slow, and deadlines may be approaching without your knowledge.

Please allow us at least twenty four hours to get back to you. If your case is time sensitive, say so.

Vasvari | Zimmerman

1301 East Ninth Street

1100 Erieview Tower

Cleveland, Ohio 44114-1844


t  |  216.458.5880

f  |  216.928.0016 – paper

f  |  216.201.9510 – electronic

Tell Us About Your Case

You can write a brief summary of your case using the form below and submit it for our review. We check this mailbox every business day, and will get back to you, usually within one business day. Please be sure to include the requested contact information, and a private email where you can be reached.

We are located on the eastern end of Downtown Cleveland, in the Erieview Tower, the dark green building depicted here. We are on the eleventh floor. Our street address is a bit confusing, because our building shares a mailing address with the Galleria, a glass enclosed  shopping arcade immediately to the west. The address for both buildings is 1301 East Ninth Street, but the Tower actually faces East 12th Street, between Lakeside and St. Clair Avenues. Two-hour metered parking ($2.00) is usually available on East 12th, and along St. Clair Avenue just south of the Galleria. Underground parking is available off Lakeside Avenue (the sign reads Galleria Parking) at $12.00 for two hours.